LA Affidavit Small Succession

If you need help with a Louisiana Affidavit of Small Succession, and you are in the Baton Rouge area, please call George Tull at 225-907-5280.  I can visit you anywhere 24/7, and I can help with all of your notary needs.

This affidavit is used to convey property when a loved one has passed, and the value of the estate is under $75,000. Two heirs must list all of the heirs, the date of death, the property to be conveyed, and then swear this in front of a notary. The form is then filed with the Clerk of Court office in the conveyance records.

To see a sample succession form, please follow this link: Louisiana Affidavit Of Small Succession

Once again, give George a call at 225-907-5280 for assistance.