LA Provisional Custody By Mandate

The Louisiana Provisional Custody By Mandate form is something that I help families with very often. If you need assistance completing the form, or getting the notary work done for it, and you are in the Greater Baton Rouge area, please give me a call at 225-907-5280.

This mandate (Louisiana jargon for Power of Attorney) allows a parent to give temporary custody of their children to another person, for a period lasting no longer than one year. The best part about this form of temporary custody is that you do not need any costly, complicated court involvement. It is simply an agreement between adults, and then acknowledged in front on a Notary Public.

Let’s use an example:

John is a single parent of his daughter Jaci. John has to go to Mexico for business, and he expects to be back in two months. John and Jaci live in Baton Rouge, and they both want Jaci to stay with John’s sister Stacey while John is away. This way Stacey can enroll Jaci in school, take her to her doctor’s appointments, and make sure that Jaci is taken care of. So what does John need to do? He calls George at 225-907-5280. George gets all of the information to fill out the LA Provisional Custody By Mandate form, meets with John and Stacey to get them to sign it, and that’s it. John will keep an original for himself, and give Stacey at least one original. While John is away on business, Stacey will have legal temporary custody of Jaci.

To see an example form, please follow this link: Louisiana Provisional Custody By Mandate Form

One last thing to keep in mind is that this form is only intended for people that agree on the temporary custody of the child. If you are not in agreement, and you are wanting to fight for custody, you need to go to court.