LA Auto Power of Attorney

If you need assistance with creating or notarizing a Louisiana Power of Attorney for the sale or purchase of an automobile, please call George Tull at 225-907-5280.

With this POA, you can appoint someone else to represent you in the purchase of sell of an automobile. I say “automobile”, but with the changing of a few words it will work for a car, truck, motorcyle, RV, motor home, boat, trailer, or really any movable.

Let’s say that John wants to sell his truck, but John is out of town when a buyer is supposed to purchase it. John can use this Louisiana Vehicle Power of Attorney to appoint his sister Sara to represent him. With a properly executed POA, Sara can sign the bill of sale and title, which will transfer ownership of the vehicle from John to the buyer.

To see an example of this Louisiana Car POA, please follow this link: louisiana auto poa