Louisiana Financial Power of Attorney

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This Financial POA does exactly what you would think. You (the Principal) appoint someone (the Agent) to represent you in financial and business matters. Let’s illustrate the concept with an example:

Joe is getting older. Joe owns a few small businesses, apartment buildings, and has several banking accounts. Joe is ready to take it easy in an assisted living complex in Baton Rouge, and he does’t want to spend his time worrying about his financial affairs. Joe has a daughter, Stacey, who is very bright when it comes to business, and he knows that he can trust her 100%. Joe decides to create a Financial POA where he appoints Stacey to manage his affairs for him. Stacey has an original copy of the POA to prove to others that she is now acting on her father’s behalf.

I do not recommend that you use this POA on your own without consulting with an attorney or notary first, but follow this link for an example: louisiana financial power of attorney

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